About SA6AQD


A radio amateur license has come to my property after making a theory test before midsummer -06 and Tuesday after I had my signal that gives me the right to talk on the amateur bands but also obligations not to destroy other words, common sense.

It all started for dad had radios when I was little, he was in a couple of radio clubs then. Since then, my interest has been there, and when I got to know a radio amateur Per SM6THE in 2000 became stronger interest and fall -04, he took me up the mountain Billingen where the local radio club is housed in a little red cottage. After a few visits there so I was stuck in it all, went in Skovde amateur radio club and the Swedish Association SSA so I had a listen License SM6-8185.

A pair of radios now also acquired in order to talk to, a portable FT1D digital and an FTM400 for mobile use and an IC 706MKIIG for home use.

In the radio world, there are over 3 million amateurs so it’ll take a while to get in touch with all of them, and in Sweden there are over 12,000.
The earth is divided into a lot of fields, 324 and each field is divided into 100 boxes and in turn divided into further 529 boxes, this is to have know where its radio amateur are on the globe, is used instead of Long o Lat. My little box where I live is JO68WJ, a good site is that you see your locator.

73 de SA6AQD Magnus