About Am football

American Football

My interest was caught by the TV3 broadcast a program about the sport and then I was solid. Then I heard that there was something going on in town through a workmate, the year was -91.  Me and three guys to aggregate a large number of stakeholders and the club was formed a month later Skövde Dukes and is available as homepage. I photograph a lot of this sport, can be found under the link Pictures.

Some rules:

Move the ball to the opponent’s endzone is the principle short.

To then be able to get to the endzone, you have 4 attempts to get 10 yards, yes it is called so.  1 yard is 0.9143 meters and the plan is 100 yards long with two endzone of 10 yards / pcs, and 53 1 / 3 yards wide and, would those 10 yards to get another 4 attempts to get further to make the point. The point can done in several ways:
Touchdown gives 6p and run in or pass to a receiver in the enzone, after a TD, you can take additional credits, alt 1p when you kick it between the goalposts, 2p when you run in or pass in the endzone.
Field Goal gives 3p and it happens when it is not said to move it through a TD, you get kicked in the place between the poles and over the bar.
Saftey gives 2p if the defence worked down the offence in their own endzone and stopped them in there.